Aerospace and Defence

Expert knowledge and understanding working within the Aerospace and Defence sector with global organisations and sub-contractors.


A wealth of experience supplying services major blue-chip OEM manufacturers, ranging from motorcycle to earth moving machinery equipment.


Working in partnership with several FTSE 100 companies to overcome health and safety as well as production based challenges.


MWF Consultant Engineers Ltd. are a company of consulting engineers specialising in the efficient use of metalworking fluids (coolants), COSHH risk assessment compliance, machine operator health and safety, and product selection and supply.

Our consulting engineers implement and conduct the COSHH risk assessment requirements for; ‘direct’ bacteria monitoring and maintenance control of metalworking fluids, and provide onsite machine tool operator training required to increase awareness and prevention of ‘Occupational Asthma’, ‘Extrinsic Allergic Alveolitis’ and ‘Irritant Contact Dermatitis’ from the use of metalworking fluids.

With in-depth industry expertise, we enable manufacturers to take a pro-active approach in understanding the causes and ultimate resolutions to production fluid related issues, all with a focus on operator health and safety.

This has lead to long term relationships being developed with our customers and to date our client base has grown to including many of the UK’s leading blue-chip OEMs.


All initial and subsequent consultation meetings are free of charge. MWF Consultant Engineers Ltd. generate revenue from the end services we provide to our customers.

As a part of the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) ‘Disease Reduction Programme’ respiratory diseases caused by inhalation of Metalworking Fluids, are to be targeted as an area in need of great improvement within the metalworking industry.  The HSE has concluded that bacteria in water mix coolants is responsible for diseases such as ‘Occupational Asthma’ and ‘Allergic Alveolitis’ and workers elsewhere in this sector should get better protection against contracting these diseases.

MWF Consultant Engineers Ltd. specialise in quantifying how efficient your production fluid practices are on site, where issues cause waste and where targeted improvements lead to budgetary savings.  All this is achieved within the framework of your onsite ‘Continuous Improvement’ procedures to reduce waste, meaning budget savings and waste reductions are achieved cooperatively.


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