Services designed to enhance your 'Continuous Improvement' programmes

All of the primary services MWF Consultant Engineers provide to manufacturers, from ‘Implementing compliant COSHH Risk Assessments‘, to ‘Metalworking Fluid Monitoring and Analysis‘ with ‘Health and Safety Operator Training‘, are all designed to seamlessly intergrate within a companies ‘Continuous Improvement’ programme.

Specific focus is also given to ‘Wet Waste Disposal Reductions’ and ‘Metalworking Fluid Consumption Reductions’.  These programmes work in unison with our clients own Environmental ‘Waste Reduction’ policies, particularly those with an onus placed under ISO: 14001.  MWF Consultant Engineers provide the ability for these targeted ‘Waste Reductions’ to reduce costs for finance departments.

How environmental 'Wet Waste Disposal' is reduced?

  • The productive efficiency of the metalworking fluids / lubricants and wash chemicals in use on a shop floor have a significant impact on the relative rates of ‘Wet Waste Disposal’.  The greater their inefficiency, the higher quantities of ‘Wet Waste Disposal’ required.

  • Waste management / logistics companies have no ability or intrinsic interest in lowering the quantities of ‘Wet Waste’ produced onsite.  The only budget control mechanism waste management companies are able to offer is directly concerned with pence / litre cost of disposal, logistical and certification costs.

  • The only way to ultimately control and reduce both the quantities and cost associated to ‘Wet Waste Disposal’, is to have full control over the source of the waste. Identifying and eliminating inefficiencies with the use of the metalworking fluids / lubricants and wash chemicals is paramount.

  • Companies using ISO 14001 are provided with a mechanism to assure management and employees, as well as external stakeholders that environmental impact is being measured and improved.

  • MWF Consultant Engineers implement onsite protocols that reduce ‘Wet Waste Disposal’ to the benefit of, and in conjunction with ISO: 14001 while also lowering annual budgetary costs.

Our Services

Lower 'Wet Waste Disposal' costs by eliminating the production of 'Wet Waste'

As waste management / logistics companies have no ability or intrinsic interest in lowering the quantities of ‘Wet Waste’ produced onsite, MWF Consultant Engineers offer the ability to oversea the control of both the (source) supply, of the incoming metalworking fluid, their management and ultimate disposal. These ‘cradle to grave’ supply arrangements guarantee cost reductions through targeting improvements of product efficiency.

Design, Implementation and ongoing Management

MWF Consultant Engineers assist companies with the design, implementation and ongoing management of ‘continuous improvement’ strategies for ‘wet waste disposal’ reductions, improved metalworking fluid use efficiency and reducing overall budgetary spend.

'Wet Waste Disposal' reductions working to the benefit of ISO: 14001

The long-term efficiency of metalworking fluids to prevent bacterial growth is of the utmost importance in preventing increased cost implications to fluid users. Lower waste generation on the part of metalworking fluid failure results in lower ‘Wet Waste Disposal’ requirements.  MWF Consultant Engineers introduce fluid management systems that work in unison with our clients own ‘Waste Reduction’ policies, particularly those with an onus placed under ISO 14001.


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